The Fair Housing Council
of Orange County is a private non-profit organization formed in 1965 in the wake of the civil rights movement that resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Council incorporated in 1968, the same year that Congress extended civil rights protections to cover housing with the adoption of the Fair Housing Act. Under the direction of a volunteer board of directors and with a paid staff of 14, the agency works to fulfill a mission of protecting the quality of life in Orange County by ensuring equal access to housing opportunites, fostering diversity and preserving dignity and human rights.

Contracting to serve all of Orange County's local governments for provision of fair housing services for their residents, the Fair Housing Council handles more than 250 cases of alleged housing discrimination in the county each year.

Fair Housing and Disability

The following 6 minute video, “Fair Housing and Disability: Reasonable Accommodations,” was designed to inform housing providers of their rights and responsibilities under state and federal fair housing laws. Disability is one of the most frequently cited basis of housing discrimination complaints. Problems can arise when landlords do not understand their obligation to make changes in rules and policies in order to provide reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities. Please feel free to view, download and use this video as a training tool.

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Predatory Lending
Public Service Announcement

Click below to see our new Predatory Lending Public Service Announcement now playing at local television stations.

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